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01-18-2017, 03:49 PM
Can anybody point me to a place I can get information on 2 S&S Aircraft, 8-hole, 92" diameter props?
#1 SER.821 + DES 1342 C (Stamped on the front)
HP 125 + RPM 1925 + DIA 92 + PIT 60.3 (stamped on the hub's side) and on the back is 124 on one the left blade and 128 on the right.

#2 SER. A. 2498. + DPG. 1242. F. (on front)
DIA 92 + PIT 60.3 + KINNEF B-5 + SEPT 1942 (on the side)

01-18-2017, 07:44 PM
To my knowledge (and I've looked fairly hard) there's not published list of drawing numbers, etc. for S&S props. They made a lot of propellers, many of which became obsolete with introduction of metal variable pitch propellers for certain engines, so lots of S&S props hit the surplus market.

Some models (design or drawing numbers) were also stamped with either engine and/or aircraft usage, so one place to start is right here with the search function. You can also post the stamped data and see if someone recognizes an association.