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Tony Godonis
11-02-2016, 12:09 AM
The Jamestown Machine Corp was found in an advertisement in Aviation and Aeronautical Engineering Magazine in May 15, 2017 when searching for Falcon Propellers, at the time when WWI equipment effort was increasing, particularly for mahogany propellers. The machine advertised was for rough shaping four propellers at once from one master template propeller. Their was no evidence found directly indicating equipment sales to Jamestown Propeller / Mantle manufacturing, however it would be logical. It is not known how many other propeller manufacturers may have purchased machinery. The firs attachment is the incorporation. Second is the address. Third is the advertisement. Fourth, fifth, and sixth attachments are a restored machine.

Tony Godonis
11-02-2016, 12:24 AM
This Curtis has no connection to the Curtiss aircraft company or Glenn Curtiss of Hammondsport NY. The first four attachments are description about the company. It should be noted that their machinery was used for a wide range of woodworking and finishing, and not just propellers. The fifth attachment shows the life of the company until 1954. Having survived through the Great Depression and existing this long should show how good their equipment was. Again, it is not sure how else they may have advertised any of their other machines or how far across the US they may have sold them. Attachment six shows their patents. This also indicates their wood working equipment ingenuity. There are also indications that Curtis Machinery also made propellers. There is no other more detailed information found for propeller manufacturing. It appears, however, they would have capability to fully make propellers of at least perform parts of the process such as rough cutting or finishing.

03-05-2018, 10:14 PM
I like your discovery Tony, appreciate it! May I ask where I can look for a copy of this magazine, or similar one... ? Here is image from Canadian Aeroplanes Limited, same equipment... Wandering who is the supplier in Canada of a such a machine??? Cheers! Peter