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10-14-2016, 05:14 PM
Hi all.
Am looking for help in identifying a propeller, have been looking at drawing numbers etc. on the internet to no avail for days.
I wonder if members would kindly point me in right direction please?
Propeller markings are- DRG No Z 256/1 CIRRUS HERMES RH,
On other side- D1910, P 1700, A.C.G NO 21391, JAN/31. I am ex RAF of 23 years service but as an Airframe Tech, not engines so have limited knowledge of propellers, especially vintage ones.
Many thanks

10-14-2016, 08:57 PM
Could the "6" actually be a zero? If so it might fit with the "Z250(1)" on this page (http://www.woodenpropeller.com/Britishprops.htm), which lists a Hermes engine (actually a Cirrus Hermes) but it doesn't list diameter and pitch.

(Some stampings are inherently hard to read, and often an acquired dent will make them look like a different number or letter.)

10-15-2016, 06:37 AM
Thanks for your response.
Have checked again but the number is definitely a 6, as it clearly stamped.

Will have to keep looking but thank you so much for your input.


10-15-2016, 08:15 AM
As Bob Gardner has pointed out in the past, mis-stampings of propeller data are also fairly common, and could also be a cause for rejection in the manufacturing line. In that case, the prop would likely not show any evidence of being mounted on a metal hub.

But as you can see from the list, there are probably 1000 different design numbers for propellers that look nearly identical. Bob Gardner may have additional information on that one, and he does check in here from time to time.

(I've taken the Liberty of moving this into the identification category in hopes of having Bob see it there.)

10-19-2016, 02:50 PM
Thanks for your help in trying to identify what aircraft this prop was fitted to, its really appreciated.
Get your point in the miss-stamping of items. As you can probably tell I am
new to this area of collecting but what I noticed on the list was that, there was a section of serial numbers starting in the Z250 (1) (2)etc. fitted to a Blackburn Bluebird with the right engine manufacturer. Is it possible that theses serial numbers were sequential and issued to that manufacturer? I have sourced a book on Blackburn Aircraft from 1909 and am awaiting its delivery, with the hope I can pin point it to a particular aircraft, a bit like clutching at straws but you never know?
Thanks again