View Full Version : Indentification of Czechoslovak prop

06-02-2016, 12:48 PM

I would share this pictures with you. In my research of Czechoslovak propellers, I have this interesting piece.

The propeller has czech markings:

MERC.100.KS Mercedes D.I
PITCH 157cm
Width 200 (I am not sure what this means, maybe thickness of the hub)

AERO Aero is a Czech aircraft manufacturer, but established in 1918
ČIS.201 NUM.201, while the D.I engine is from 1914 I guess?
Would you have any idea about the connection with the Czech markings and a possible aircraft which was supposed to use this propeller?
Note that Czech republic or Czechoslovakia was a part of Austria/Germany during the WW1.

This is Albatros B.I with Reschke (?) propeller, and also has 6 bolts in the hub: