View Full Version : Propellers for sale for the Holidays!

10-26-2015, 11:50 AM
Greetings Woodenpropeller community,
I have a number of propellers for sale from my collection. I'm running out of room and trying to raise some funds for my daughters' college expenses.
Here they are in order.
1. 84" WWI mahogany/copper Unknown Mfr. Curtiss OXX (100HP) JN-5?
2. 98" WWI mahogany/copper Lang Curtiss OXX (100HP) Curtiss F flying boat
3. 96" WWI birch/copper Westmore Hall-Scott A7A (100HP) Standard J-1
4. 99" WWI oak/copper Paragon Curtiss OX-5 (90HP) JN-4
5. 100" 1920's-30's birch/brass Hartzell Warner-Scarab (110HP) Goodyear Blimp
not pictured: A single wood blade 58" WWII composite wood/iron Rotol RR merlin (2050HP) Supermarine Spitfire.
These are all authentic propellers in nice condition. I have extensive experience shipping worldwide and will build custom wood crates for safe transport. I can be reached at msprior02@gmail.com for additional info/pics.
Located in Virginia, USA
Thanks, Scott