View Full Version : Can anyone help me identify which propeller this is?

09-10-2015, 03:36 PM
Dear fellow wooden propeller owners,

I have had a wooden propeller for a long while now, and i really would like your help on identifying what type of propeller i have. Attached are the pictures, i really hope you can help me!

thank you,

Bob Gardner
09-12-2015, 09:10 AM

Your propeller is typical of the design of the Wolff Company, whose factory was at 7-9 Oraniendamm in the Waidmannslust suburb of Berlin. They probably began making propellers in 1916 and became a major maker.

The data translates as;

Nr (Nummer) 7208: Wolff's serial number
ST (Steigung) 210: the pitch of the propeller in cm
D (Durchmesser) 280: the diameter of the propeller in cm

The fact that the data is stamped on the blade indicates it could be used on an aircraft with a spinner. Normally this data was stamped on the side of the hub and it might also exist there on your prop.

Props made for the 160ps Mercedes engine with this diameter and pitch include the Halberstadt CL IV and the LFG Roland DIII but were also used on the famous Fokker D VII, one of the best fighter aircraft of WW1.

With kind regards,