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Tim Minaker
09-08-2015, 06:51 PM
Hi all,
I have just inherited two propellers from my father. We live near a former BCATP base in Picton, Ontario, Canada.
One prop is identified by two plates, the
first which reads,
DPG 110
Pegasus V1
D 10'0 P.8'0

The plate on the opposite side is stamped
July 1940
73341 A

As an avid aviation history buff and modeller, I would love to know the type of aircraft that this prop is from, and be able to display a model with it. By information in your site, I wonder if it might be from a Supermarine Walrus, although I don't recall any st the base. We are however on an island. It slso has 10 bolt holes.
Thank you so much for any assistace that you can provide me in my quest for information.

Tim :)

09-09-2015, 12:41 PM
I'm guessing that the 10 bolt holes is just consistent with the Pegasus engine, but I see on Google search that that engine could have been used on a wide range of airplanes.

Sometimes propellers (like tires) will fit satisfactorily on several different models and there is no way of knowing which one a particular prop was actually used on unless the aircraft name is stamped on it.

Maybe Bob Gardner will have more insight into this one.

Tim Minaker
09-15-2015, 12:39 PM
Thank you so much for your thoughts. I greatly appreciate it, and look forward to seeing if Bob has any further ideas, as per your note.

Thanks again,