View Full Version : gifted a beautiful propeller, help identify please

09-02-2015, 06:32 AM
My family, when living in Egypt, received a beautiful propeller as a gift in the early 1980s. More about the propeller, I am afraid I don't know. Having grown up with it, I am now the proud owner.


I'm looking to identify it, but have had no luck with online databases. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Length is 200cm, hub diameter 20cm, 8 bolt holes, with the following alphanumeric branded into the hub:

18179 - H A W - 226

Link to pictures (http://maartendejong.net/prop/)

Many Thanks!


09-03-2015, 08:09 AM
That's going to be hard. The numbers don't look familiar at all (maybe due to "foreign" manufacturer) and it's a left hand rotation, which is fairly unusual finding in modern propellers.