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Bob Gardner
08-10-2015, 06:32 AM

I've moved this thread here from my sticky about my database of British and German WW1 props.


Hi Bob,
Do you also have a database of U.S. made WW1 aircraft props? My Grandfather made many props for the Government during WW1. I would love to learn more of the History.
Steve Maghielse


I don't! Only British and German WW1 props. But Dave Bahnson, who founded this site, is the expert on American props. I'll copy this post to a more public page in the forum, as others might also have some advice.

With kind regards,


08-10-2015, 09:06 AM
Hi Bob,

At some point I need to assemble all of the various bits of information about US made propellers into a single database. It will always be incomplete, as there is a paucity of records relating to them, particularly with respect to aircraft (rather than engine) applications. The absence of information about them, including the drawings themselves, has needless to say been very frustrating.

Steve, I believe we have corresponded in the past and I think I sold you a Flottorp propeller years ago. I'll check through some old correspondence when I get a chance, but I certainly recognize the last name. Whichever family member it was I was unable to contact them several years ago, as the phone and/or email had changed.