View Full Version : USAF at RAF Mildenhall...Prop ID Help (Spit)

02-08-2015, 07:04 PM

USAF MC-130 Pilot assigned to RAF Mildenhall, and need an assist...being a 130 guy I'm a prop fanatic, and want to get my hands on as many as I can before I depart for my next assignment.

Found this, what I believe to be Spit Blade, advertised locally, and purchased at a low price so I took a gamble

Gentleman I bought it off of said he restored Spits in the early 90's, and was given this by his company when they replaced propellers on some birds under restoration.

Blade has been, unfortunately, repainted, but the markings on the hub bottom are as follows

HRA 37018
RA 10046 RS

Also, on the face of the hub, just near the blade, are some small letters that look like a later add, showing PROP 59814 2

Prop is 60 inches tall base to tip, and 10.5 inches wide, with the base being 16 inches around

Any help???