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Mohawk Mover
01-22-2015, 11:08 PM
Good evening, I wanted to post on this forum about a recent find in a Dallas garage. I buy unique items from people. While purchasing a mid century modern chair from an elderly lady. I asked her if she had any other items she might be interested in selling. She said yes I've got lots of stuff. I followed her out to her garage and when we opened the garage door you could barely walk inside. She and her husband had lived in this home since 1952. After a short time I was able to pick a few items out that I was interested in purchasing. She informed me that there was another side of the garage, so we open the second door and entered. After my eyes adjusted to the light I noticed that there was a large wood propeller leaned against the wall. I asked her if this was something she was interested in selling ? she said it had belonged to her father. She asked me to bring it out into the light and after looking at it we noticed that the tip had some rot on it, but the rest of the propeller was in very good condition for its age.it had not been restored it had years of dust on it. I am anxious to get it cleaned up but would like very much some information on possibly restoring the tip that was damaged.
I believe this is an mohagany PARAGON 8 ft Propeller.
On the HUB numbers 13269
PARAGON EMBLEM both left and right side of hub
On one side : B
3933 then under that BA. CORYN
Cir with AID 1M 42 /
On other side :
8L3" x 600