View Full Version : Sensenich Skyblade ID???

01-21-2015, 09:31 PM
Hopefully someone can help!

I have a Sensenich Skyblade Model #0376B3-2, under the model number is the number 30172 which is also engraved on the metal end cap. This is a variable pitch/constant speed wooden propeller.

Sensenich said they had no info on it other than they stopped making them over 30 years ago. I was hoping to find out what airplanes it was used on.

I have attached photos if that helps.


UPDATE: After cleaning off the black paint I had the model number wrong it starts with a C not a zero...C376B3-2, I believe it was used on the Stinson 108-1, -2, -3...with the 165hp Franklin. Can anyone add to this or perhaps provide more information?