View Full Version : hello everyone. Can you help me ID this prop?

07-19-2014, 12:25 AM
About a week ago I stopped at a yard sale with my wife and went in for a look around, much as I expected, nothing. But on the way out the door I looked up and saw a propeller covered in years of dust and cobwebs with an unusual (to me) hub in the center, I asked about it and the woman said it is her husband's and she hated that damn thing"I'm always afraid one day the wind will slam the door and it will fall down and take my head off" laughingly I asked if he would sell it" Probably not...but I WILL, he didn't want to stay here and help so he can't say no" I couldn't take it down fast enough. Well I now have it in my guy room and would like to know what it is and if it's worth anything more than a good story and a cool looking old 48" propeller to hang on my wall now. I will try to get a picture uploaded. Thanks in advance, Matt ,