View Full Version : 1933 DH.50 prop made in Australia "Invincible"

Stephen G
04-29-2014, 10:26 PM
Late last year I acquired this de Havilland 50 prop.
It was originally the front of two props that were bolted together to make a four blade set up.
I guess the other was damaged making this one obsolete.
It was restored and had a mount made at least 25-30 years ago and had been on the previous owners study wall since then.
The timber is Queensland Maple and it has 3 off centre brass lug holes so it would match up with the second prop only in the one orientation.
The length is 105 inches or 8.75 feet (2.66 meters)
It was constructed in December 1933 by George Adams and Son Propeller Makers who used "Invincible" as a trademark/logo.
No records have survived that would match this prop to a specific aircraft but have been told it was most likely bolted to a Siddeley Puma engine on a DH.50A.

If anyone out there has a DH.50 prop in their possession then I would love to hear about it. The Qantas Founders Museum out at Longreach Queensland has one but in very poor condition.
Cheers, Stephen.