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04-27-2014, 10:28 AM
Other than cosmetics, I'm curious what makes similar-age Sensenich props seemingly more valuable (at least on eBay) than others. Is it the a/c type for which they are manufactured?

For instance, there's a bidding war going on right now (highest bid at $1,010 (you read that right) with 10 bidders and 27 bids. It's a 1932-1942 vintage for Piper J4E, Porterfield 75c, Rearwin Skyranger.

There's a second eBay listing, same vintage prop, listed at $645 with 11 watchers and no bids, although it has been posted the same amount of time as the above prop. The listing says for Continental, Piper J3 cub, Aeronca and Taylorcrafts. However, (and I'm beginning to answer my own question perhaps) the seller seems unsure if it's a Sensenich and the photos do not reveal the wonderful SB logos.

Just the same, I'd like input from those of you that know so much about this niche of the aviation world. I've got a SB that I'd like to sell, but before I go through the eBay rigors, I'd like to be more informed about the props themselves. Mine is same vintage, in better condition that example #1, and spun on the Piper J4E, F, J5A and Stinson W75.

Thanks very much.

04-27-2014, 12:53 PM
For one thing, the $1010 (http://www.ebay.com/itm/ANTIQUE-Vintage-WWII-Wood-Airplane-Propeller-1940s-SENSENICH-No-Reserve-/271461452366?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f345d0a4e&vxp=mtr#ht_376wt_616) propeller has at least one intact decal, and remnants of the other. It at least appears to be in original condition.

The $645 (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Large-OLD-Vintage-Wood-Wooden-PROP-Propeller-Airplane-Wood-70-WWll-SENSENICH-/291131063970?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43c8c37ea2#ht_127wt_853) propeller has no decals and has likely been refinished at some point. It's also possible that it was mis-stamped at the factory and never airworthy. (I'm basing that on the similarity yet difference in the two stampings, 38830 and 35820, and it's just a guess about mis-stamping.)

Original condition carries value, even for some propellers that appear rather worn over time. Once someone tries to "restore" them, value drops. Absence of decals, particularly on modern style propellers is a pretty good indication that someone has refinished it in some way.

04-27-2014, 01:33 PM
That's very helpful, Dave. Thanks. I'd forgotten about the stamping issue.

I'd like to show images of my prop on the blog. How do I get a url (what do I use to generate one) in order to post them?

Appreciate your ongoing follow up.

04-27-2014, 02:02 PM
After "Post Reply" a new window opens up. Click on the little paper clip at the top of the message window, or click the "Manage Attachments" link further down the page. That will open up a window that allows you to browse to the location on your computer where the photos are. Click the file and click "upload", then repeat for each photo.

Sometimes if the file is too large it won't be accepted. If that's the case, either compress the file or send them to me and I'll process them.

(More details at the top of the forum home page (http://woodenpropeller.com/forumvB/showthread.php?p=2733#post2733) . . . )

04-27-2014, 03:09 PM
Photos of my SB. Will take more with close ups later. This is just FYI.

Details are:

SB Model 70D40, HP 80 Max, R.P.M. 2700 MAX
Serial # 71532 (No A or prefix means mfg. between 1932 1942).

Used on Continental A75/75
Piper J4E, F, J5A
Stinson W75

6 bolt holes around hub

04-27-2014, 03:43 PM
That should do fairly well on eBay. It has the original "Lititz" decals. The absence of "witness marks", caused by the impression made by pressure from the metal hub, suggests that the prop may never have been used.

04-27-2014, 03:57 PM
All the more reason I should upload more detailed images...because marks on the prop would lead me to believe that the prop has flown...and I don't want to mislead anyone. I'll shoot as much detail as possible - much later tonight, though. Thanks again, Dave.