View Full Version : Sensenich Propeller Info Needed

01-14-2014, 12:14 PM
I have a Sensenich 70" Propeller I found at an estate sale. I'd like to turn it into a clock but a friend said he thinks its worth more than the $25 I paid.
I wrote Sensenich who told me its a yellow birch w/brass edge produced between 1932-1942. I was also directed to a page that told of the planes it was used on.

Any info, inc value/sale pricing (If I decide to sell instead of making it a clock)
Its model # is 70D-42
Serial # A-1854
HP 30 (or 80) Max
RPM 2700 Max
In beautiful condition, no damage except the Sensenich Bros wing decal is scratchy

Thank you!:)