View Full Version : Help to identify an "early" propeller, hope so...

01-04-2014, 01:59 PM
This propeller was recently given to me and I will really be happy to know more about it.
Unfortunatelly as I undrestand, painting has been removed and most of identification stamped on both side of the hub are more or less unreadables.
The lentgth is 223 cm (7,32 ft approx.), with 8 holes.

as shown by attached pictures, it's difficult to read something :
First side of the hub

DRG . NO . I? . A. 6130 / 5
C ? ? ? ? AH X.
L . H . T
D . 7 . 33 P 6 . 96.

Opposite side

H . R . A. ? ? 398.

Hope it 's may be clear for someone...

Many thanks in advance for your help and do not hesitate to ask if you need further information.

01-04-2014, 04:08 PM
Look about halfway down this page (http://www.woodenpropeller.com/Britishprops.htm) for "L.A. 613C/5". I think that's your likely match, and the engine is a "Cheetah X".

The other stampings below that refer to "Left Hand Tractor" and the diameter and pitch of the propeller.

(It's WW2 era, so I've moved the thread to the "Modern" category.)

01-05-2014, 08:06 AM
Thank you so much Dave for your prompt reply and your commitment, I appreciate.
I'm deeply impressed by your knowledge and about the fact, with no doubt, that you are for sure the most famous worldwide specialist for wooden propeller!
Thanks again for sharing your passion, today I realised it was my first one but not the last. I'm already thinking about my quest for the next one, a very rare I hope...
Looking forward to talking to you soon.;)

01-05-2014, 09:42 AM
Thanks for the note, Lionel.

Keep in mind that while I may run the site, the contributions of members like Bob Gardner, Pierre-Michel DeCombieux (PMDec), Lamar Bevil and others that make it work. There is a lot of knowledge spread out all over the world. We just needed a place to start putting it.