View Full Version : For Sale, Flottorp Pre- World War II

09-12-2013, 08:01 PM
Up for bids is a nice old Flottorp 72" wooden airplane propeller. It is marked as Flottorp manufactured by Univair of Denver Colorado. It has a six lug hub. It is made of 28 layers of laminated wood and has metal leading edge and tip protection coverings. The prior owner put a small eye-bolt into the hub for hanging. Ideally it should probably be refinished as some of the varnish is worn. Both decals are in pretty good condition as shown in the photos. It is marked with "A23901 E", "72 A 48", "TC 802", and "PC 406." From what I have found Flottorp listed the 72 A 48 for Piper F 2 with an Aeromarine AR340 40 HP engine whereas Univair has it listed for about 20 aircraft including various Aeroncas, Interstates, Luscombes, Pipers, Porterfields, and Taylorcrafts. Any questions feel free to e-mail me. Good luck!

Manufactured my Univair in Denver Co.

Ser A23901 E
Mod 72A48
T.C. 802
P.c. 406
6 bolt holes
Brass edges
All of this info is etched/burned into the propeller.