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12-22-2012, 11:59 AM
Vintage Wood Airplane Propeller (http://kincaid.com/usm/prop/prop.html)
According to my mother (1920 - 2011), sometime in the late 1920's my grandfather, Charles J. Forbes of Cleveland was given this propeller as a reward for selling securities issued by the Curtis Airplane Company to fund the company's expansiion.
I cannot verify this history because all of the family that knew anything about it are deceased and I could find no written information about it, except that I do know my grandfather was a successful stockbroker in Cleveland during that period.

I am seeking information about the propeller itself which is in very good condition.

When I got it from my mother it had a mount bracket to attach it to a wall for display. The bracket makes use of three of the existing 8 bolt holes that were in the hub of the prop.

For the past 8 years, it has been on display in my auction gallery. Now, I am interested in finding out more about it and possibly selling it.

The propeller measures 99" tip to tip. It has copper protective caps on the end. The hardwood used is dark, dense, and heavy

There are 8 holes surrounding the steel hub and the inside diameter of the shaft holw on the outward side of the prop is close to 2".

markings stamped into the wood on the outside of the prop vertically to the right of the hub - s.0103455 (probably the serial number)

Stamped to the Left of the hub in the wood - Right Hand 8 - 3x500

I welcome your comments and opinions.

Thanks Randy Kincaid


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12-25-2012, 01:36 PM
I was having trouble editing my original post.
Upon closer examination of the prop. I found what I thought was the serial number to be actually stamped S.C.103455 with the Signal Corps clover leaf log also stamped beside it.
I measured the bolt centers to be 5.25" and I was looking at the prop side next to the engine rather than the front. The steel hub diameter is 6". Going with the identification chart, this prop is probably for a Curtis OX5 engine mounted on a Jenny JN4 airplane.
Now that I am fairly confident in what I have. I am offering the prop for $3900 fob Lakeland, FL