View Full Version : Fahlin wooden propeller

Mr Clean
12-10-2012, 06:17 PM
I have a Fahlin wooden propeller I want to sell. It is in great shape. I have no idea what it is worth. Any takers or advise on how to sell?

12-10-2012, 11:13 PM
More information needed, such as what design number, size, and exactly what you mean by "great shape".

A photo goes a long way to answer some of those questions.

Mr Clean
12-11-2012, 05:42 PM
I have added several pictures. It is 7' 2" long. There is K10 stamped on the hub.

12-11-2012, 06:13 PM
Some of your pictures look to me like it may be partially refinished. Since you can actually see it, is this the case?


Mr Clean
12-13-2012, 10:45 AM
I was given this propeller about 18 years ago from an old Alaska mechanic. He told me it came off a plane in the condition that it is in. That is all I know about it. I have kept it on display in my basement all these years.

12-13-2012, 03:29 PM
There are usually more numbers stamped on them, which makes it easier to know what it was designed for.

The best way to get a sense of value is to search completed sales on eBay using "wooden propeller" (singular) in the keywords. I'm guessing a few hundred dollars would be about right, perhaps more if it could be identified as to usage.