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10-23-2012, 11:22 PM
We have a Vintage Airboat Propeller we are interested in selling that was purchased by my husband many years ago. Believed to be a product of Sensenich or Banks-Maxwell. Due to brass tippings, propeller is believed to be pre or post WW2 as stainless steel tippings were used during the war due to the critical demand for brass for shell casings(as explained to us from the Prop Shop-Wings of History). Propeller is 60" in length, hub is 7" wide & 3" in depth. Contains 6 bolt holes-opposite holes measure 3 3/4" apart & 1 1/2" between holes. Widest portion of the propeller arm is 8". The number "00716" is engraved into the propeller arm.
The propeller is in great shape & would be open to bids. Hard to determine a set price even surfing E-Bay. E-mail address is:01nurse@att.net.