View Full Version : Detail photos from Wotan propeller decal needed

07-19-2012, 12:39 PM
I'm making Wotan propeller decal in 1:1 scale. I will make the decal in vector image format so the decal could be scaled to any size. I have found few good photos of complete decal but not that kind of photos with help of I can make details for its birds and leaflet pattern (like dotted lines in birds and shadows) So I inquiry good detail photos from the original Wotan decal. Large size photos are highly recommended.

I will thank for detail photo sender or senders to give them a finished decal file. The file could be in pdf, image or corel draw format. Also I want to inform that any photos I'll get I will not publish them in anywhere or send them to anyone. I keep them only in my knowledge and archive at least the time that I have study them.

Please send photos to my email heikki.t.lappalainen(a)gmail.com

My purpose is to finish the decal in middle of the August of this year 2012.

- Heikki