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05-03-2012, 10:04 PM
My name is Janeen and I am interested in selling my grandfather's (now mine)antique airplane propeller. My grandfather was one of the first pilots in TN. His name was Theodore Alfred Whitehurst. He was a self taught pilot and mechanic.

There are articles in the Memphis papers (I have the 1930's clippings), that document his sucess in becoming a member of the "Caterpiller Club", as it was called. He was at 8000 feet and had mechanical problems, when he was at 3000 ft and could not pull it out, he then grabbed his parrachoute and exited the plane. I am so very proud of him. He lived in a rural part of TN and constantlanty had people shooting at him, thinking he was a "Revinuer" in those days.

He was also great friends and flying mates with William Faulkner, which was nearby in MS. When me and my son asked my grandfather about William Faulkner, and what he thought of him, he thought for a great while and stated that he was a "Hellova Pilot". I asked him if he knew that his friend was a famous author, and he said, "Well, Bill would tap away on that typewriter and then fly from Mississippi to Hollywood to sell what he had wrote and get a sackfull of money. In my mind, the flying to Hollywood was alot bigger than typing."

My Grandfather was a great man and fine pilot. My husband and I are moving to FL and don't have room for the big wooden propeller but I want it to go to someone that will appreciate it and what it represents. I don't want it to waste away in a garage or hang on some restaurant wall. I really want a pilot to own this.

I can supply plenty of pics if u like. I'm new to this. If you have any questions my number is 850-708-4008. Thanks so much.

05-04-2012, 12:43 PM
Would you mind sending me some pics? And what price are you looking for? Do you have any further information on the propeller such as it's make and year? My fiance is an aerospace engineer and LOVES planes. Everytime we visit the Air and Space museum in DC he mentions how he would love an old wooden airplane propeller. I think this is the perfect wedding gift.