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04-29-2012, 07:30 AM

can anyone give me information about a wooden propellor made by propellerwerke Heine in Germany.

The information on the topside gives: 360 P R Roy (or rov) 6 E, D348, H 220, Heine, N 37474

On the edges there is Brass (?)(metallkantenschutz) as protection. probably made after 1933.

What type of plane(s) was this propellor made for ?
and how mutch is it worth?

http://www.imgdumper.nl/uploads5/4f9d24edd299c/4f9d24ed8380f-Naamloos.thumb.jpg (http://www.imgdumper.nl/uploads5/4f9d24edd299c/4f9d24ed8380f-Naamloos.jpg)

http://www.imgdumper.nl/uploads5/4f9d25254f955/4f9d25254f56d-DSCN0319.thumb.jpg (http://www.imgdumper.nl/uploads5/4f9d25254f955/4f9d25254f56d-DSCN0319.JPG)

Bob Gardner
04-29-2012, 09:11 AM
Hello Quipp,

Sind Sie Deutsch?

Your prop data translates as;

360 P R Roy (or rov) 360ps (hp) Rolls Royce
6 E Probably indicates the Mk 6 RR Eagle engine
D348 Diameter of 3480mm
H 220 Pitch of 2200mm
Heine the maker, from Waidmannslust im Berlin
N 37474 serial number, probably dating it to 1925-1927

It is in excellent original condition. Don't restore it.

mit freundliche Grussen,


04-29-2012, 09:57 AM
Thank you very much Bob for your quick reply.

I am Dutch and this propellor was from my great granddad.
It is in the family for a very long time.

Thanks for your advice, we will NOT restore it. We are thinking of selling it.

greetings from Holland behind the dikes


05-01-2012, 05:04 AM
This is just my 8 cents worth about this elegant prop and its possible future.

I have said this before, and I will say it again. A prop of this heritage and of this quality and of this rare patina that hasnt been destroyed, is quite rare. Because of the fact that it was from your great grand dad, please consider this very simple element.

If you sell it for money, money is common, its not unique, everybodies money looks the same, but this prop that is from your family, of which you are most fortunate to come by purely as a family heirloom, maybe not now, but later, if you have sold it for "common" money, you will have seconds thoughts as to why you let it slip from your fingers for money that by then will have been spent. I doubt you would be able to replace this prop with one that is simular in manufacture or patina. Trust me on this, if you did find one, it would be through the roof as far as price is concerned.

Keep this prop in your family, who knows, some fortunate grand child in the future may love to have it, keep the tradition going.

What you have there is very much worth keeping in your family.

J.Dennis Hicklin
Seattle Washington

05-01-2012, 09:29 AM
. . . or if you do sell it, make sure that you sell it to someone who isn't planning to refinish it, or put a clock in it, or . . .

Bob Gardner
05-18-2012, 04:52 PM
I thought I had left a further reply. Probably finger trouble on my part.

As you are Dutch, your prop was very probably made for a civil aircraft designed by Anthony Fokker once he got back to Den Nederland after WW1. When designing and building his famous fighters for the German Air force in WW1 he used Heine props on many of his aircraft. By the mid-twenties Hugo Heine was about the only prop maker in Germany and the Netherlands and naturally Anthony Fokker turned to his old friend once he was producing civilian aircraft. You might like to look at early post-WW1 Fokker aircraft powered by the RR Eagle engine. I don't think there were many. Fokker preferred the Napier engine, I think, from memory without checking my facts.

With kind regards,