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03-11-2012, 08:23 PM
I am selling a beautiful German Wolff “Tropenpropeller,” probably from a LVG C VI aircraft used in the Middle East. It was bought from Bob Gardner, well known to this forum. He had several of them, which he acquired in Germany. Several of the tropical props that came with this one were marked for LVG C 6 (in two different forms) as illustrated in Bob’s book.

The prop is in original, restored condition and has not been refinished. It was made for use in the tropics and is constructed of hard woods, i.e. varieties of mahogany, to protect it from insects and tropical temperatures. This makes for a truly beautiful appearance. Bob has told me that he assumes “tropical” meant Mesopotamia, as German Aviation in Africa was limited.

The photos here are from Bob. His finger is pointing at a dint in the wood and at the paint line. There are several very small marks like this dint due to its service life but they are very minor and do not detract. Note also that the photo of the hub shows old oil stains on one side, the witness marks of where the flange plate was fitted, and the faint mark of a chisel pushed between flange plate and hub to free the plate, probably when the prop was taken out of service.

The paint on the edges was once bright yellow and intended to be a distinguishing mark, but whether it was to identify a friendly aircraft to the Turks or to identify a tropical propeller is unclear.

Wolff props are elegant creatures, more so than most German props, and this prop is no exception. Because it was just a bit too large for shipping by air, it came to the US (to New Jersey) in a freight container and this required much organization, delicate packing, etc. For this reason, and given its rarity, I doubt highly if there is another one like it in the US.

I am asking $4,000, less than the price I paid for it (£1600) when bought in June 2008 (almost 4 years ago) when combined with shipping (£535) and insurance (£62). When converted from GB to dollars at the June 2008 exchange rate (I can show the invoices to anyone interested), the £2197 amount came to approximately $4,323.

Please let me know if anyone on the forum is interested. You can email me at: smithe@rowan.edu, or call me on my cell: 856-906-5695.

I will entertain serious offers, and together we can discuss shipping arrangements and who pays for what. I would prefer selling to a knowledgeable person on this forum, but if I have no takers, I will be listing it on ebay next week.

Thanks, Mickey Smith

04-01-2012, 09:13 PM
Well, it's off to ebay. Here is the link for those interested. I am sorry to be selling: