View Full Version : prototype radial engine needs propellor

09-21-2011, 02:28 PM
I am going to need a propellor and I am hoping someone here can help me. I have an engine (my own design) that I am almost finished building and I would like to mount a propellor on it for initial run in trials. The engine should produce around 100 hp and it should rev up as high as 5 thousand rpm. I am not sure what to ask for as far as diameter and pitch. I would prefer this break-in propellor to favor lightly loading the engine versus "overpropping". A good candidate (cheap) for me would be a prop with tip damage that I can chop off and re-balance. The propeller will not see actual flight and does not have to be perfectly matched to my engine. I will make an adapter for mounting so hub pattern is not an issue. I am most appreciative of any help.