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11-04-2010, 06:25 PM
Hi All
I recently picked up, in a deal, a propellor tip that came from the effects of a WW1 RFC/RAF Observer, he used another tip of the same type as a photograph frame.
My propellor tip has a marking on it which i'm assuming is a manufacturers mark, it is-

A.I.D 75

Could anybody idenify the maker, and give me an idea on what aircraft it may have been used on.
Any information would be much appreciated.


Bob Gardner
11-05-2010, 06:47 AM
Good Morning Graham and welcome to the forum,

AID indicates the British airworthiness organisation in WW1, the Aeronautical Inspection Department. I have seen the stamp of inspector number 75 on two Bristol props, for the Bristol Scout C and the Sopwith Pup (for whom Bristol made props). Some of these inspectors moved around, although I have no evidence that No 75 did, but a small element of doubt remains.

With kind regards,