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01-05-2010, 03:26 PM
Dave, I have a Hartzell Liberty Propeller like yours. It looks like it's twin. The number is 2656. 115" long. Several years ago I called Hartzell and the man I talked to said it was used on the H-16 flying boat. Does anyone know if this true and its value.

01-26-2010, 08:15 AM
Years ago, when I first came across mine, I contacted Jimmie Reedy who had worked at Hartzell for years and has since retired. He called me, quite excited not about the propeller but about the decals. He thought that Hartzell had only been able to manufacture 4 models of propellers using the "Liberty" logo on the decals before they were forced to change it because of a patent dispute with the makers of the Liberty engine. At that time he did not know what the propeller was used for, nor did he have much information about the other 3 (one of which I also have).

It is almost certain that the propeller was used on a Liberty engine, based entirely on the known period of production and the hub dimensions, but the actual aircraft used is not entirely clear. An H16 is a good possibility, but not certain by any means. No one knows how many of any of these models were made, but at one point Hartzell promised the Navy that they were capable of manufacturing 250 propellers a day.

Jim Reedy has since written a book, Built on Honor, about the history of Hartzell, and he used on or two of my pictures in it.