How to "Post" (ask a question) in the Wooden Propeller Forum
1.  You MUST register before being able to post.
2.  Pick the most appropriate category to post your question, then click on that title.
3.  Once you have selected a category, click on "New Thread" in the upper left of the page.
4.  You must enter a subject (please be as descriptive as possible), then enter your question or comment in the text box below the subject.
6.  When you are done writing be sure to click "Submit Thread".  (You can preview how it will appear before you actually submit it, but if you do that don't forget to click "Submit Thread" afterwards.)
5.  You can add photos by clicking the "Manage Attachments" box, locate the photo files or your computer, then upload them to the forum site.
7.  If you need to change something after it's been submitted, you can go back later and edit it.