Liberty Engine Propeller
c. 1918

No identifying stampings
Comments:  This large propeller is identical to others that are clearly designed for use on the Liberty engine, used extensively during the late teens and early twenties for a variety of military and later civilian aircraft, including many of the Navy flying boats, and many civilian aircraft such as the DH4, later commonly used as an early mail plane.  Some DH4's were used in WW1 and were the only U.S. built aircraft to do so.  This one is not specifically identified as to use or manufacturer, suggesting that it was for a non-military use.  The fabric covered tips and varnish are all original and the propeller is in superb condition for its age.  Other examples of identical designs include one manufactured and used in WW1 and one made by B. Shoninger under the trade name Eagle.

Wood: Mahogany
Length: 9'8"