Lang Propeller for Hisso 150 - Curtiss JN4H
c. 1919

150 H.P Hispano Suiza
DR. NO. 13_ _9
PITCH 5.22 FT.
DIA.  8 FT. 6 IN

S.C. 50633

Comments:  This exceptionally well preserved Lang propeller was almost certainly used on the JN4H "Jenny" using a Hispano Suiza Engine.  "Witness marks" on the hub (i.e. indentations from the metal pressure plate of the hub) indicate that it was used at one time and subsequently removed from the aircraft, possibly due to a small crack on one of the blades.  While at least one of two of the digits in the drawing number have been rendered unreadable from chipping at the edge of the bolt hole during bolt removal, the most probable number is "13279", which is documented the the 1921 McCook Field list of propellers as designated for the JN4H.  The length of 8' 6" and the designation of Hisso engine helps validate that assumption.  This propeller has a furniture grade finish and a well preserved original Lang of America decal.  The "S.C." refers to the U.S. Signal Corps.

Wood:  Mahogany, possibly cherry
Length: 8 feet, 6 inches
Pitch: 5.22 feet
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