German J.P.W. - Gnome 100 H.P.
c. 1914

D 250 S 220
100 P.S. GNOME
Comments:  This original German propeller was previously displayed in a museum in Dadizele, Belgium and is stamped for use with a Gnome 100 HP engine, but the specific aircraft usage is unknown.  It is felt that it probably was used very early in WW1 and may have been used on one of the Fokker E type aircraft.  Gnome engines were rarely if ever used on German aircraft during WW1, as the preference was more typically  the Oberusel rotary engine, a copy of the French LeRhone engine.   J.PW. shares the decal design and "Integral" name with both British and French propeller manufacturers in labelling similar propellers.  Note that the actual length and the stamped length are different, indicating that portions of each tip have been reduced in size.

Wood:  Unknown
Length:  Original  250 cm,  Actual 230 cm