Falcon Propeller for Curtiss Flying Boat
c. 1914


__  1000-77
Comments: This Falcon Propeller was manufactured in Jamestown, New York, for one of the Curtiss flying boats used by the Navy in the late teens, and was sold off as surplus in 1920.  This catalog identifies the drawing number, 10001 A, as used on either the Curtiss Model F, Model 40, or Model MF ("modified" F) flying boat.  Although a different design, it is similar to this propeller in usage and was probably auctioned off at the same time.  The Falcon decals, which are faded, are mounted on the rear as was usually done with pusher propellers.  A portion of the original invoice label still remains on the front of the hub and the small portion of that which is still legible is shown on one of the thumbnails.  The varnish is old and crinkled, but the propeller is in original condition.

Wood:  ? Mahogany
Length: 8'2"