Chauviere Propeller (Integrale)
? 1914
Markings: (partially illegible)


Serie 1134

Numero 2639

Diametre  260

PAS  125

Comments: This  beautiful and elegant  8 1/2 foot long early propeller is believed to be an early  (Pre WW1) model built by Lucien Chauviere under the brand name "Integrale".  The Series number 1134 is lower than any of the dozens of Chauviere propellers listed in available WW1 propeller directories, and the presence of an imprinted stamp is seen in other instances of early props from a manufacturer that soon switched to decals.  It had been re-finished prior to my acquisition of it and may have also originally had decals.  The wide bladed, broad sweeping design and construction are more typical of the very early propellers.  Chauviere went on to become one of the premiere propeller manufacturers of the early years of aviation, and his designs are largely recognized as emblematic of that era.

Wood:  Probably walnut
Length:  260 cm  (approximately 8'6")