Caudron G3 - Eclair
c. 1913

Serie 1
No. 109
Rh 80 HP

Comments:  Very early French built propeller for Caudron G3 aerial reconnaissance plane, later used as a trainer, using an 80 HP LeRhone radial engine. The numerical value of the series (1) and the serial number (109) are unusually low, indicating that this was likely a very early model from this manufacturer.  In addition to the decals, Eclair propellers usually also had a stamped logo as well.  The "XII" refers to a sub-type of the Caudron G3.  Several "SFA" ("Service des Fabrications de l'Aviation")  inspection stamps are shown, and are common on propellers of French manufacture.

Wood:  Mahogany with reddish paint surface
Length: 2.60 m    Pitch 1.80m