AVRO 504 - Clerget 80 HP Engine
c. 1915



2744 DIA

1829 PITCH

Comments:  As the decals show, this propeller was manufactured by the A.V. Roe & Co. Ltd in Manchester England for the AVRO 504 using an 80 HP Clerget Engine.  Most AVRO 504 models used either an 80 HP Gnome engine in the early models then either the 110 HP Clerget or 130 HP Clerget in later models.  The use of the 80 HP Clerget is not clear at this point.  A nearly identical propeller does show use of the Gnome 80 engine, and this propeller appears to be from the same time frame, probably prior to 1915 when propellers were stamped with "G" and "N" production numbers.  (The hub of this propeller had been partially cut out for a clock when obtained and has been meticulously restored back to its original appearance.  The varnish, the decals, and the fabric covered tips are in remarkably good original condition.

Wood:  Walnut
Length:  2744m